Monday, May 29, 2017

Selenium WebDriver With Arquillian + Drone + Graphene

Still now we learn lots of thing in Selenium WebDriver and manage everything with our self. But now in open source era some framework is already in market which makes our life more simple, like Graphene.

Though Drone already integrate Selenium Webdriver within it, but Graphene makes our life more easy to deals with Selenium WebDriver.

Actually Arquillian is top on Drone and Graphene .

So In brief

 Arquillian : It is a testing framework, simply an extension to JUnit/TestNG frameworks.
 Drone : Drone takes care of Selenium WebDriver instance creation and configuration.
 Graphene : It is a wrapper around Selenium WebDriver with utilities class.

Arquillian can run in 2 different ways
  1. Container : It is mainly used for integration testing from development perspective. It maintains the container state and deployed the whole application then run this application with in a container.
  2. Standalone/Client : It is mainly used for automation of functional testing. Here application is not deployed with in a container.
We can store all test related configuration in arquillian.xml file. We can handle different type of wait very easily using Graphene.

We will know in later posts how to configure and learn in details about it for Standalone/Client mode.